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Cracking Polish - 07 White

Cracking Polish - 07 White
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Shipping time: 1-2 work days
Product no.: CGL-07
7,50 EUR
150,00 EUR per 100 ml
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Products description

  • water-based
  • drying time: depending on the thickness of the applied layer approx. 3-10 minutes
  • color might differ from the monitor display
  • content: 5 ml



Which base gel should I use before the Cracking Polish?

Every gel WITH a tacky layer is suitable as a undercoat. The tacky layer of the primer gel is NOT removed before applying the Cracking Polish.


I used the Cracking Polish as shown in the video tutorial, but it will come up during drying and peel off.

It's due to the gel used as base for the Cracking Polish. Different gels have a different "sticky" dispersion layer. Please use a gel which does not cure too dry. The sticky layer contributes to the fact that the Cracking Polish does not peel off when drying and the surface of the nail remains thus smooth. From our assortment, our french gel SNOW WHITE is perfectly suited as a foundation for cracking polish!


Cracking Polish leaves streaks when applied

It doesn't matter. After the Cracking Gel has cracked, the brush strokes will hardly be visible.


Cracking Polish does not "burst" or it takes very long

The polish was applied too thickly. Cracking Polish is a water based varnish. The thicker the layer, the longer it takes for the water contained in it to evaporate.


Why is it that the cracking pattern is sometimes fine, sometimes coarse?

The thicker you apply the layer of cracking polish, the coarser the pattern will become and the slower the polish dries.


Can Cracking Polish nevertheless be put under the UV/LED lamp.

Yes, the cracking process is only accelerated because the evaporation of the water contained in the product takes place faster in the heat generated by the lamp.


Cracking Polish flakes off despite sealing

The more nails are stressed with the Cracking Polish, the more thoroughly the polish must be sealed. To be on the safe side, double seal the nail in this case. ATTENTION: Before you seal the nail, make sure that the cracking polish is completely dry. As this is a polish and not a gel, it is easy to deceive yourself when and if the lacquer is already dry. Even a small area that has not dried completely can cause the sealer not to adhere to the nail.


Further hints for the storage of the Cracking Polish:

Cracking Polish is a water-based product. The evaporation of the water contributes to the creation of the desired pattern. To use the polish for a long time, keep it cool. Do not leave the bottle open too long. Close the bottle carefully immediately and thoroughly after each use to avoid drying out as well as lumps in the paint. Complaints in connection with incorrect storage and usage of the product are excluded.


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